Indianapolis Web Design & Development Processes

Information Gathering

The most important and critical process in developing your website begins with you - It's all about your goals and needs.  This first step in the process focuses on collecting the information needed for your website and researching your competition.  The steps in this process include:

  • Defining your goals and needs
  • Collecting information about your company
  • Collecting information about your competitors
  • Conducting search engine research
  • Reviewing your company's marketing material
Indianapolis Website Information Gathering Process Graphic

Website Setup

Before your website goes live to the world, there are several things that need to happen.  First, you need to have a domain name and then the website must be hosted.  Neomorphis ensures these critical tasks are accomplished, so you don't have to worry.  We provide the following website setup services:

  • Domain name research
  • Domain name registration
  • Website hosting
  • E-mail accounts
  • Install custom software
Indianapolis Website Setup Graphic

Website Design

Our primary goal is to provide continual feedback to guarantee your project meets your expectations.  If you have any questions, we are only a phone call away.  We provide a working version of your entire website for your review before it goes live to the public.  The website goes live only after your final approval.

Indianapolis Website Design Process Graphic

Testing & Validation

The final step in the process can be easily overlooked by inexperienced web designers, but is extremely important.  Your website must adhere to industry web standards, so that your website displays properly across multiple browsers and devices.  Our thorough testing and validation ensures your website meets current industry standards.

Indianapolis Website Testing & Validation Process Graphic